A crisp, fresh rum that expresses the artfully combined flavors of tropical heat and monsoon and sea, and the purest Filipino sugarcane. Filipino rum made to ignite your most exciting mixes.


Zabana XO is the bold rum inspired by the flavors and diversity of over seven thousands isles, distilled from the purest Filipino sugarcane


Zabana 8 is a smooth scent and lightly-bitter, yet intense flavour with hints of coffee, vanilla, chocolate and honey, it qualifies as the perfect choice for rum lovers.

Zabana Single Barrel Reserve

Zabana Single Barrel is an award winning, premium local rum that is produced and hand bottled in the Philippines.

It’s not only unique in its appearance, but also in taste. Crafted by time to deliver expressions of Oak and Spice finish, one can experience the bold but balanced flavors of toasted nuts, caramel, and vanilla with hints of tobacco and leather.